Get the funding your business needs to succeed.
Partner with us to make projects possible in your community.
Invest with us for financial returns & environmental and social good.

CDFI in North Carolina and West Virginia

Nothing should hold you back.

If you have a good idea, your business deserves a fair shot.

At Partner Community Capital (PCAP), we help small businesses get the capital and other resources they need but can’t access. We deliver flexible, empowering loans to borrowers in underserved communities. And, we connect clients to strategic advisory services so they can make the best use of our capital.

Lending, with a helping hand.

To be truly successful, you need a lending institution that rolls up their sleeves and helps. Along with CDFI loans, we can also connect you to valuable business advisory services to help your business flourish and grow.

Get in touch with our Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) for your small business loans. Our team is here to readily help you with a lending hand.

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Financing that meets you where you're at.

Farmers | CDFI

Lending and support that grows with you.

A lender integrating human, financial and natural capital.

As a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) we focus on locally owned, environmentally responsible small businesses because they employ and build wealth for entrepreneurs, their families, and their communities. Since 2001:

  • PCAP has lent over $100 million to 500+ businesses and nonprofits, and we’ve provided 32,000 hours of advisory services to over 2,700 companies.
  • Roughly 50% of our borrowers have been women or people of color; 85% are in rural or economically distressed communities.
  • Our borrowers have created and retained more than 7,000 jobs and generated a wide range of social and environmental benefits

Our Customers Trust Us

You can build a successful business.

Too young? Too innovative? Too this or that for a traditional bank loan?

Where they see risk, we see a pathway towards creating an equitable economic opportunity. At Partner Community Capital™, we work tirelessly to help small to medium-sized businesses in underserved rural and urban communities get the capital they need to grow and succeed.

Get Funding.

Tired of hearing NO?

Our flexible structure and innovative loans help good ideas become successful businesses. We’re invested in creating economic opportunities–especially when traditional banks can’t.

Get Advice & Support.

We know you need more than just capital to grow your business.

That’s why we provide our customers with business advisory services so they can make the most of their loans. 

Flourish & Grow!

With our collaborative relationship, you’ll have the funding,  training, and advice you need to start or grow your business. 

Be part of creating a more vibrant community for your neighbors. Start growing your successful business today!

How to get the loan your business needs.

Our loans come with strings attached… The kind you can use to climb over the obstacles in your way.

When you borrow from Partner Community Capital™ you get a lot more than a loan–you get a partner who can help you succeed. We lend you vital support, training, and technical assistance alongside the capital needed to fuel your business dreams.

Get Informed.

Our mission is to provide access to capital for worthwhile businesses that can’t use traditional sources.

To set our borrowers up for success, we have a few lending guidelines you should be familiar with before applying.

Talk to a Lender.

Teamwork and collaboration are how we’ll ensure you’re getting the right loan for your needs.

We work hard to understand your business and design flexible financing that meets your goals…and make sure that you have the ability to repay!


Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, you’re ready to apply and take the next step towards building a flourishing business.

Our lenders will provide assistance and help structure loans designed to meet your business goals.

Business lending to advance equity and help communities flourish.

Whether you’re a business that needs a loan, another lender who seeks to serve your customers better, or an investor who wants to change the world. We can provide you with innovative solutions that drive success and equity.

A partner for advancing human, financial and natural capital.

We focus on locally owned triple-bottom-line (TBL) small to mid-sized businesses because they employ and build wealth for entrepreneurs and their families, are committed to their community, and operate in concert with the environment.

By providing flexible business loans and advisory services to these vital enterprises and organizations, we help create environmentally and socially responsible business development and wealth creation in rural, minority, and low-wealth communities.


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