Partner Community Capital (PCAP) staff are talented individuals committed to our mission of expanding access to capital and other resources to underserved communities. Our staff come from business, banking, venture capital, community development, philanthropy, and higher education. PCAP is headquartered in Charles Town, West Virginia, and staff are located across West Virginia and North Carolina. We’re happy to meet you in person or online! 

PCAP staff meeting with a borrower, looking at equipment

Administrative Associate


Senior Vice President and Director of Lending

Senior Business Lender, NC

Senior Business Lender, WV

Loan Operations

Loan Operations Manager

Loan Servicing Specialist

Loan Closing Specialist

Loan Closing Specialist

Strategic Initiatives

Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives

Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives


Senior Vice President and Director of Finance

Senior Staff Accountant

WV Women’s Business Center

WBC Executive Director

WBC Business Advisor Fairmont

WBC Program Manager for Grants and Compliance

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