Partner Community Capital (PCAP) staff are talented individuals committed to our mission of expanding access to capital and other resources to underserved communities. Our staff come from business, banking, venture capital, community development, philanthropy, and higher education. PCAP is headquartered in Charles Town, West Virginia, and staff are located across West Virginia and North Carolina. We’re happy to meet you in person or online! 

PCAP staff meeting with a borrower, looking at equipment

President & CEO

Marten Jenkins

Administrative Associate

Carolyn Koldos


Loan Servicing Assistant

Brandon Austin

Senior Lender, Charlotte & Central North Carolina

Burtis Burr

Business Lender, Western NC

Spencer Blevins

Senior Commercial Loan Closing Specialist & Laserpro Administrator

Tammy Bumpus

Director of Loan Operations & Servicing

Ginny Bullins

Commercial Loan Servicing Specialist

Amanda Donivant

WV Business Lender, Central and Southern West Virginia

Cedric Greene

Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer

Erika McGilley

Senior Vice President & Central Appalachian Market Manager

Kevin O’Connor

Loan Servicing Specialist

Cyndi Parker

Business Lender

Mike Reed

Director of Micro-Lending & Triangle Market Manager, Central North Carolina

JaLisha Richmond

Eastern North Carolina Business Lender

Clem Seifert

Senior Commercial Loan Closing Specialist

Kristy Sitton

Executive Vice President & Chief Credit Officer

Anna Tefft

Director of Portfolio Management, WV

Justin White

Programs & Advisory Services

Business Services Coordinator WV REI

Louis Argento

REI Program Manager

Kristen Beverage

Business Services Manager

Maddie Coffman

Women's Business Center Program Manager – Advisor

Dawn Hylbert

Women's Business Center Program Manager

Sonja Jewell Kelley

Vice President & Director of Business Strategy

Jessie Maxwell

Financial Advisor

Jasmine Motilal

Women's Business Center Executive Director

Nora T. Myers

VC2 Program Manager

Liberty Newberry

Media & Public Relations

Marketing Specialist

Michelle Lovelace
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