Downtown Appalachia Redevelopment Initiative

Downtown Williamson, WV streetscape with cars and pedestrians

Partner Community Capital™ has teamed up with the Brownfields Assistance Center at West Virginia University to create the Downtown Appalachia Redevelopment Initiative. We see tremendous opportunity to transform vacant, decaying and underutilized downtown properties into thriving centers of business, retail, housing, community, and culture. But redevelopment can be challenging, technically and financially. The Initiative seeks to support developers of downtown redevelopment projects through

  • Hands-on project development assistance and training
  • Financial assistance for predevelopment costs
  • Flexible, affordable loans for predevelopment, construction and permanent financing – with built-in credit enhancement funded by an ARC POWER grant

Initiative support and special financing is available to projects located in West Virginia.

Contact the Program Manager Maddie Coffman for more information:

In other areas of our footprint, Partner Community Capital™ can provide financing for redevelopment projects through our normal loan program.

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