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Partner Community Capital is a community development financial institution, meaning we are a mission-driven lender. Read more about what we look for in a loan application.

SoundSpace@Rabbit’s owner showing the outside of their building, which PCAP helped him acquire and revitalize the former motel property, converting a portion of the space into recording and rehearsal studios.

Community Impact

Positive economic, social, and/or environmental impact on your community

Cash Flow

Sufficient income to cover debt payments


Strong industry, management, and financial experience


Personal Investment
Community Impact:
Positive economic, social, and/or environmental impact on your community​

PCAP prioritizes projects that have a positive impact on the community, especially those in low-wealth and/or rural geographies. We specialize in lending to businesses and nonprofits that create quality jobs, offer essential community services, promote environmental sustainability, and/or build family wealth in depleted communities.

Cash Flow:
Sufficient income to cover debt payments

We need to feel confident that your business has/will have enough income to comfortably cover your PCAP loan payments in addition to your regular expenses. We look at tax returns, profit & loss (income) statements, bank statements, and cash flow projections to determine if your business/nonprofit has an appropriate debt service coverage ratio. This means that we must ensure that your business can pay for regular expenses, your PCAP debt payment, and have enough money leftover to cover unexpected expenses every month.

Strong sector, management, and financial experience

We want to know that our borrowers and their project team have the sector knowledge and management experience needed to successfully start, grow, and sustain the business. We also look at borrowers’ history of repaying debts.

Personal Investment

We need collateral to secure all business loans. Real estate, inventory, vehicles, and personal assets are all examples of collateral. If you and your business don’t have enough collateral to secure the loan, chat with the lender in your area about options. We may be able to use a guaranty or specialty loan program to mitigate lack of collateral. Please note: We expect all individuals with 20%+ ownership to personally guarantee the loan.

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