Potential Borrower Quiz

Take our Potential Borrower Quiz to determine if you’re prepared to engage with a PCAP lender. Assess your readiness and discover if you’re primed to take the next step towards securing the funding you need.


Quiz: Are you ready to reach out to a PCAP lender?

Please read the following statements and determine if they are “true” or “false.”

If you answer “true” or “yes” to the questions below, you’re ready to reach out to a PCAP lender and get started! If you answer “false” or “no” to any of these questions, you are not ready to apply for a PCAP loan at this time. But don’t leave, yet! Check out our Business Planning Tools and Advisory Services for resources to help you get loan-ready.

  1. I am at least 18 years old.
  2. My business is located in North Carolina, West Virginia, or a nearby Appalachian county.
  3. I have not filed for bankruptcy in the last three years.
  4. I am current on my taxes. 
  5. I have personal tax returns for the last three years.
  6. I have financial projections for my business.
  7. I have a business plan. Business plan required for startup or early-stage businesses (< 3 years old)
  8. I have an idea of how much money I want to borrow and how I plan to use the loan. (Note: we only request an estimate at the loan application stage and will work with applicants to finalize a loan amount)
  9. I have a plan for how I will pay back my PCAP loan.
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